How Often Should I Wash My Hair?

Many of us go through various problems of the hair, including dryness, brittleness, split ends, dandruff and worst of all hair-fall. We are often clueless about the cause of the problem but try a large number of remedies to fix them. The remedies may or may not work in favour and sometimes could even make the situation worse.

One such cause that many people struggle with is the right schedule for washing hair. You are not able to get a fix on how many times should you wash your hair a week. If you increase the frequency, the hair tends to get weak and brittle, but if you reduce it, the results are greasy and dirty hair. It is nearly impossible to work out the right schedule, keeping in mind any social events and outings as well.

Given below are some helpful tips to decide the right frequency for washing your hair and how it can be adjusted with your social schedule:

  • Understand Your Hair Type

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Just as different hair types need different care in terms of products, so do they when it comes to the frequency of washing. Oily hair, normal, hair, dry hair, coloured hair and treated hair all have their own individual needs which cannot be generalised. Hence, before you try to understand how many times should you wash your hair a week, it is important to understand your hair type. Oily hair needs to be washed more often than dry or normal hair and the treated hair need to be washed as per instructions depending on the treatment they have received.

  • The Thickness and Texture Matters

The frequency of washing also varies by the texture and thickness of the hair. You have to consider how often to wash your hair depending on whether your hair is curly, wavy, or straight. The thickness of the strands also plays a role. Thicker hair, curly hair and hair with a coarse texture can go without a wash for longer periods of time while thin, straight and silky hair needs to be attended to more often.

  • Consider Your Hair Colour

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Dark hair should be washed less frequently than light hair as they could lose their pigments with frequent washing and the result could be dull and faded hair. The pigments help the hair to look less oily. Frequent shampooing of dark hair makes them lose their shine and lustre.

  • Know your Lifestyle Needs

A very important factor affecting the quality of your hair is your lifestyle. The frequency of washing and blow drying so your hair looks fresh and voluminous. The frequent exposure to heat damages the hair and you need to give it the nourishment of oil. If you are a regular at the gym, it results in sweating and the hair getting oily. All these results in a greater frequency of washing which may or may not be good given your hair type.

Finally, the conclusion for how many times should you wash your hair a week? The hair should be washed considering the combination of the various factors listed above. As the hair texture and type could have different requirements, a middle ground should be chosen for your hair care. On average, if the hair is washed every 2-3 days, you should do just fine with any combination of hair features.

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